Updated : 10/01/2009

128K mp3
Broadcasting always and at any time
1400 tracks
laylist more than 4 days long

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Welcome to all extreme Metal lovers !!!

Extreme Metal Sounds is a Live365 internet radio born in mid-2005.
It brings 104 hours (more than 4 days) of music played at random that is to say aproximatly 1400 tracks.

This radio play mainly Black Metal, Death Metal and Grind.

A group you like is not played on the radio ?
Send me an Email and I will put it into the playlist if I like it or find it interesting :-)

Maybe you are a member of a band and you are seeking airplay ?
I can give you airplay !
Send me an Email with some of your tracks or a link to your myspace and I'll see what I can do for you :-)
Please be at least in the extreme metal genre !
Also, put for each mp3 you send me the IDtags (The name of the group, of the track and of the album)
I always respond to the groups that contact me.

The email of the radio has changed, now it's :

If you want no commercials between the tracks click there :

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A group has contact me, it is called Archaic Eclipse.
They are really good and I want people to get know them.

Have a check there :

One I like particuliary is In Fields of Morning Frost.

They are in the radio's playlist right now.